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  • Graffiti in Johannesburg 3 - various pieces etc. from downtown JHB, Orange Grove and Yeoville (January 2002)   [>=NS/IE 4.0 ONLY; >=800x600 displays]
  • Graffiti in Johannesburg 2 - graffiti around club Reality, Jeppe Street (April 2001)   [>=NS/IE 4.0 ONLY; >=800x600 displays]
  • Graffiti in Durban - aerosol art from one of South Africa's warmest cities with a fledging Hip-Hop scene (January 2001)   [>=NS/IE 4.0 ONLY; >=800x600 displays]
  • Headz ain't ready Pt. II - pics from Grahamstown's very successful 2nd Hip-Hop event (October 1999)   [>=NS/IE 4.0 ONLY; >=800x600 displays]
  • Graffiti in Johannesburg - the long-awaited Johannesburg graffiti gallery
    (August 1999)   [>=NS/IE 4.0 ONLY; >=800x600 displays]
  • Graffiti in Cape Town - a series of photo's of Graffiti in an around Mitchell's plain, Cape Town, South Africa (September 1998)

  • The Real Elements - download a phat Malawian Hip-Hop track exclusive to the HHH (June 2001)
  • P.E.R.M. - listen to full MP3 tracks by this talented spoken-word-cum-Hip-Hop crew (February 2001)
  • Skwad-da-kamp - check out Skwad-Da-Kamp's demo in MP3 and Real Audio. Exclusive to the HHH!
  • Future Sounds of Msawawa preview - peep the Amu tracks from the new Nativz mini-compilation. Real Audio and MP3 snippets and a little something extra too.
  • Mizchif album preview - check out MP3 and Real Audio samples from this talented Johannesburg MC's debut album, 'Life from all angles'
  • Spex album preview - MP3 and Real Audio samples from his debut, 'RhymzIwrote'

  • DJ Dialate - check out the 2-handed stylee! (February 2001)
  • DJ Dialate filmed live at the first TableTurnz event in Johannesburg. Also included here is some archive video footage filmed in London, where Dialate performs some fundamental scratches. (August 2000).
  • UK's DJ Kofi starting his set at 206, Johannesburg. Taking Hip-Hop back to the motherland. (August 2000).
  • UK's Cut La Roc DJ'ing live at 206, Johannesburg. Things got wicked on the dancefloor when some South African b-boys (Ramone and Kaas) decided to get down to the big beat sounds. (May 2000).
  • Live video footage of DJ Ready D performing at Carfax, Johannesburg. Set 1 features Ready D doing his trademark scratching with classic break beats, while Set 2 features some very interesting scratching techniques (May 1999).