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DJ Dialate

Live at 206
  • TableTurnz 1 [QuickTime] [MPEG] - DJ Dialate beat juggling at Table Turnz 1
  • TableTurnz 2 [QuickTime] [MPEG] - another beat juggle at Table Turnz
  • TableTurnz 3 [QuickTime] [MPEG] - a faster beat juggle
  • TableTurnz 4 [QuickTime] [MPEG] - DJ Dialate live in action at the first TableTurnz event at 206, Johannesburg
Live at 206
  • Small crabs [QuickTime] - DJ Dialate in London, when he was known as DJ Rawcus, demonstrating some short crab scratches
  • Chirp [QuickTime] - DJ Dialate (Rawcus) in London doing the "chirp"