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The Hip-Hop Headrush was born in the form of a radio show on Rhodes Music Radio - a university radio station in Grahamstown, South Africa. It was on air from 1995 to 1998 - a total of four years. The show aired in a wide variety of times: graveyard slots (4am to 7am), lunch time and morning slots, prime time evening slots and late night slots. The content of the show varied according to time slot but was the first and longest standing show which catered predominantly for the Hip-Hop audience. Other genres of music were also featured to showcase the underground music scene in various forms ranging from Trip-Hop and Drum and Bass to R&B and Acid Jazz. The goals of the show were to expose Hip-Hop to people who would not ordinarily listen to it, and to do this by showcasing the raw, solid Hip-Hop that heads in the know would appreciate, not the commercial sounds found on various other shows.

The feedback to the show was very positive and it definitely managed to change many people's perceptions of Hip-Hop. In keeping with the show's basic philosophies and principles, the Hip-Hop Headrush has migrated to the Internet where it has been online since around 1995. This website is now the primary focus and manifestation of the Hip-Hop Headrush. On this page you can take a trip back in time and see how the Hip-Hop Headrush was born on the airwaves of 89.7 FM.

Below are some of the old show schedules so you can have a look at what went down and when.
You can also check out some of the beats that got aired by having a look at some of the old showsheets. These have been chosen at random and do not reflect either the best or worst shows - just the kind of stuff that played in general.


  • 4 November 1998 - the final Hip-Hop Headrush. A collection of classic Hip-Hop tracks that made the show what it was over the 4 years it was on air.
  • 28 October 1998 - the penultimate HHH. An assortment of some of my favourite hard-hitting Trip-Hop and Hip-Hop tracks.
  • 7 October 1998 - some experimental Hip-Hop meets D'n'B as well as some old classics.
  • 23 September 1998 - the first show of the final term of the Hip-Hop Headrush on air. Nice mix of new and old material with a conscious slant.
  • 26 August 1998 - a rocking show with a whole lot of new hit I brought back from a trip to Europe.
  • 6 May 1998 - hard hitting drum'n'bass and Hip-Hop
  • 18 March 1998 - easing in from the acid-jazz show on before slowly into some hard, grimy stuff.
  • 26 Febuary 1998 - the first show in a new time slot (10pm-1am). It was basically a celebratory show - being officially on air once again. I played a whole lot of classic Hip-Hop tunes and threw down some new ones. Feels good to be back!
  • 24 Febuary 1998 - this is the one and only show I have ever done on a Sunday so I decided to do something different with it. I turned off all the lights in the studio and mixed in the dark. I dug out a whole wack of tracks which dealt with spiritual issues and played 'em. This is what happened.


  • 28 July 1997 - previewing some new sounds that I had just gotten my hands on from the US of A.
  • 26 May 1997 - filled with phat jams from the previous few months (as well as a couple of older classics, of course!) A couple of forrays into melding Rap with futuristic trip-hop styled beats were played as well as a heavy dose of solid, "no shorts taken" Hip-Hop.
  • 28 April 1997 - this went down between 11PM and 1AM so we could safely get into the underground, hardcore jams. Plenty of reason behind these rhymes.


  • 15 November 1996 - the last show for 1996. It went down between 8 and 10 PM and featured some of the most popular jams of the year as well as tracks off what I thought the five best albums released before November were :
    • ATLiens - Outkast
    • The show - The Fugees
    • It was written - Nas
    • Stakes is high - De La Soul
    • Beats, rhymes and life - A Tribe Called Quest
  • 19 May 1996 I did a show on Sunday morning from 4am-6am (now *that's* dedication!) 'cos one of the new DJ's couldn't do it. Seeing as I was doing everyone a favour by helping out I could do more or less what I wanted. I varied styles quite a bit - here it is.