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United we stand Divided we fall
Mass Dosage in the Mix

Hip-Hop has the power to break down some of the walls which separate people. Unfortunately, within the culture, many barriers exist which prevent the unity that is desperately needed. As members of the Hip-hop nation, we need to settle differences and unite to form a global coalition that is a force to be reckoned with. The Internet may be one of the factors to help promote this unification by providing a forum for easy, open communication of ideas and problems, so we can discuss and share our culture without having to resort to physical or mental violence. Pages and minds can be linked up, electronically uniting Hip-Hop heads from Johannesburg to Atlanta!

So here are some links to other Hip-Hop related sites (and sites which I think are interesting and/or important in terms of the future of the culture and our planet). Check 'em out and surf the world wide Hip-Hop web!