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This site is no longer actively maintained but is being kept alive for archival/historical purposes. PEACE. MD.
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"Mindless Music for the Masses or Real Hip-Hop? The choice is yours."

Welcome to the Hip-Hop Headrush - a website covering Hip-Hop culture from a South African perspective since 1995. It was the first, and is currently the largest, South African Hip-Hop site on the WWW. The goal behind the triple H is to perpetuate the positive side of Hip-Hop and to prove that Hip-Hop has evolved into a global culture - transcending geographical, gender and racial boundaries. The latest Hip-Hop related happenings are updated on a regular basis while the other pages offer opinion pieces on Hip-Hop as well as plenty of entertainment in the form of photo galleries, video and audio clips etc.

So, look around and see how Hip-Hop manifests itself from within South Africa where Hip-Hop is a positive, true-to-life artform. Hip-Hop is not violence, misogyny and narcotic substances - if you believe that, then the media and commercial mainstream music buyers have you sadly confused. Hopefully this site will help to counter these negative images and offer something to deepen people's perceptions of what Hip-Hop is really all about.

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