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Due to the vast amount of content on the Hip-Hop Headrush, this page archives older material which has has been moved here from the main pages to prevent them becoming overly cluttered.
  • Mr. Len in Africa
    Company Flow's Mr. Len lets the HHH in on his production process, his DJ'ing skills, the reasons behind leaving Rawkus and his thoughts on what us South African's call "dagga"! [Real Audio] (August 2000)
  • What?What? in Africa
    The HHH chats to the very lively What?What? about female MC's, her musical inspirations and thongs. Mr.Len can't keep quiet as when the hot topic of MP3s comes up [Real Audio] (July 2000)
  • Bobbito in Africa
    The HHH chats to Bobbito on the eve of his first African gig in Johannesburg and discovers his feelings on being in Africa, why he's called Cucumber Slice, and whether he'd rather be a traffic light than a disco ball [Real Audio] (July 2000)
  • Northern Sulphuric Soul
    Rae and Christian are well-known in the UK for their solid production and remix work, Full Circle finds out what they have been up to lately and how their work fits into the greater Hip-Hop landscape (July 2000)
  • Tear the Roof off
    The UK and South African Hip-Hop scenes met at a rocking party in Johannesburg - the HHH caught up with UK DJ's Semtex and Kofi to get their thoughts on the DJ's position within Hip-Hop culture. (June 2000)
  • Roots-Fi Boogie
    New HHH contributor, Full Circle, reports from London on the mindstate of one of the UK's freshest MC's - Roots Manuva (April 2000)
  • Rocking Sounds
    UK DJ, Cut La Roc recently came to South Africa. The HHH caught up with him before he rocked Johannesburg (March 2000)
  • An African State of Mind
    Taji Ali goes to West Africa and gets the down low on their up-and-coming (but struggling) Hip-Hop scene (February 2000)
  • Elevation, the Amu interview
    Josi MC, Ammunition, gives us his thoughts on why the South African Hip-Hop Nativz are getting restless (February 2000).
  • Absolut Hip-Hop
    An interview with DJ Absolut just before his return to the US (December 1999)
  • Patchwork
    Johannesburg graf artist Patch 1 interviewed at the Ant in Melville, JHB (October 1999)
  • Art of the Facts
    Cape Town graf artists Mak and Falco interviewed at the 1998 Grahamstown Festival (July 1998) [Edited version published in Cue newspaper]
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