Back To Media The Hip-Hop Headrush
JPG Graffiti City again. Pieces done by various writers including Esher, Can 2, Loomit, Mak 1, Falko, Seemso, Ice, Darco, Sky-1.
JPG Mak 1. Character by Falko. Close up of one of the pieces on Graffiti City.
JPG On side wall of Graffiti City. Character in bubble by Falko.
JPG Mak 1 and Falko. On side of Graffiti City.
JPG Falko and D-Mo.
Mitchell's Plain. 1997.
JPG 4 seasons by Mak 1. Dog by Falko (in loving memory!) Done in a park in Mitchell's plain.
JPG Ice. 3-D style in effect!
JPG Sky 1, Seemso, Loomit, Falko.