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Due to the vast amount of content on the Hip-Hop Headrush, this page archives older material which has has been moved here from the main pages to prevent them becoming overly cluttered.
  • Canibus live in Amsterdam - the Canibus man did his thing in the city of cannabis. (December 2000)
  • Common Sense live in London - read about what sounded like a truly phenomenal concert from one of Hip-Hop's top performers. (December 2000)
  • Under Pressure 09/11/2000 - check out SA Hip-Hop news right here. (November 2000)
  • The Peter Stuyvesant Music Spectacular - a review of what went down on the Hip-Hop stage which starred 112, MC Lyte, Da Brat, Foxy Brown and Naughty by Nature. (October 2000)
  • Under Pressure 06/10/2000 - the latest from SA's Hip-Hop underground. (October 2000)
  • Dead Prez live in Cape Town - Dead Prez cause a stir in Cape Town and prove they are not as African as they claim to be. (September 2000)
  • DMC 2000 World Finals - Dialate covers the event in London. (September 2000)
  • Tae Kwon Flow - a review of JHB's battle for the illest freestyle MC. (September 2000)
  • Under Pressure 25/08/2000 - the DL on the SA Hip-Hop scene. (August 2000)
  • Under Pressure 11/08/2000 - the second installment of Spex's column where he keeps you up to date on what's going down on the SA Hip-Hop scene. (August 2000)
  • Under Pressure 01/08/2000 - Spex starts up a new column on the HHH which will cover the nitty-gritty details of the haps on the local Hip-Hop scene. (August 2000)
  • Public Enemy live - The Rex in London is taken through some classic Hip-Hop tracks. (June 2000)
  • 1Up
    Live from NYC to JHB - Bobbito, Company Flow's Mr. Len and What?What? introduce themselves to South Africa. (April 2000)
  • Headz ain't ready part II
    Grahamstown's second strictly Hip-Hop party is a huge success with a star-studded lineup of local Hip-Hoppers. (June 1999)
  • Prophets of the City live at 206
    South Africa's pioneering Hip-Hop posse make a modest return to the Joburg club scene. (June 1999)
  • Hip-Hop melts the ICE
    An unusual Hip-Hop happening in a most unusual place. (May 1999)
  • Life in a Hip-Hop ghetto
    An eye-opening view from the Hip-Hop third world. (February 1999)
  • Hon, you're playing yourself
    It ain't easy being a woman within male-dominated Hip-Hop culture. And, as if things weren't tough enough, you've got other women buying into portraying themselves as sex objects and creating hard to break stereotypes. (October 1998)
  • Keep it Green
    Taking Hip-Hop to another level. Problems with the environment affect us all. It's time to stop being apathetic and start doing something, anything to help out. (March 1998)
  • The Devil's Henchmen
    Widely revered as cultural icons, but maybe they are not as harmless as they seem? (Written in 1995, edited 1998)
  • The 5th Chamber: Knowledge of Self
    Do you know who you are? Best you find out. (October 1997)
  • Divisional Calculus
    Who is the gay Rapper? Why does it matter? (August 1997)
  • 3000
    Rap moves on into the 21st century and beyond? What Rap needs to stay alive in these changing technological times. (August 1997)
  • Everybody wanna be...
    The commercialisation of the DJ sub-culture and how and why this should be prevented. (May 1997)
  • The enemy within
    Theories regarding the deaths of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. A call for stopping the violence, self-hatred and greed which are disempowering the Hip-Hop nation. R.I.P. (April 1997)
  • Respect where respect is due
    Examines the contradictions underlying the life of Tupac Shakur and what potential was lost through his violent death. R.I.P. (October 1996)
  • The 4 Chambers
    Laying the foundation for future articles. What exactly is Hip-Hop? Describes how rap, graffiti, breakdancing and DJ'ing are inseperable and why they should be viewed in this way in order to unify and strengthen Hip-Hop culture. (August 1996)
  • South African Music Revolution
    The current state of South African Hip-Hop, perceived problems with the (shady) record industry , what needs to be changed etc. (May 1996)
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