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Artist: DJ Revolution
Album: In 12's we trust
Label: NuGruv Records
Production: DJ Revolution ,Joey Chavez ,Evidence and others
Guests: Krondon, Chase Infinite, Rasco, Planet Asia, Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ill Advised, Evidence, Iriscience,Defari, Chino XL, Buc Fifty, Babu, Spinbad, Craze, Infamous, Melo D and Roc Raida
Stats: 2000, 20 tracks @66.03mins
Reviewer: Buddha Smurf

There are few DJ/Turntablism compilations out there that make you put 'repeat all' on your hifi and let them run all night long. DJ Revolution's 'In 12' we Trust' is one of these few rare gems. If you don't know who Revolution is, he is quickly making a name for himself as one of the world's best deck magicians - even the king of turntablism (y'know the alien who resides in a human layer of flesh - DJ Q-Bert) gives him respect. This is where the overriding theme of 'In 12's we trust' lies - respect for the DJ.

The album's intro gives an account of the very first scratch performed by Theodore and ends with a tribute to the granddaddy of turntablism, Kool Herc (Rev's own personal icon).The album is laced with slick production and dope MCs - the guest list is simply mouthwatering with cats like Krondon, Chase Infinite, Rasco, Planet Asia, Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Shabaam Sahdeeq, and Ill Advised... but wait thats only on ONE track!

The lineup of other DJ's on this release is orgasmic - Babu (Copycat Killers), Spinbad (Head 2 Head), Craze (DMC champion), Infamous, Melo-D (4+1) and Roc Raida (Dynamic Duo). Anyone got a tissue?

This album, compilation, mix masterpiece or whatever you want to call it is superbly produced. Revolution is repsonsible for the majority of the beats alongside Joey Chavez and Evidence (Dilated Peoples). Evidence is fast laying claim to being one hot producer alongside his mastery on the mic - tracks such as "Evolution backs this up" show how Dilate's frontman can rip a piece to shreds. Another track of note has to be "Head 2 Head" which has more ear biting in it than Tyson on a bad hair day, pairing Rev with Spinbad. At first it has both DJs performing neat scratches and crabs just to warm up the decks, and then the real punches start flying as Spinbad unleashes some lefts and rights that leave Rev stumbling and the crowd going wild but the Champ doesn't stay down for long. Rev lays some killer uppercuts and hooks on Spinbad, sampling cuts from all kinds of shit until both of the fighters get knocked down on some 'real Rocky Balboa,Action Jackson shit' - a truly awesome battle ...

A truly awesome album. [8/10]

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