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Lesson 2-The Jurassic 5 Interview

Lesson 2-The Interview
Words by Mass Dosage

On the eve of releasing their first full-length album, 'Quality Control', Mass Dosage catches up with an excited Cut Chemist and Numark from Jurassic 5. The group's two DJ/producers are performing at a gig in downtown San Francisco. The tunes over the course of the night are delivered impeccably by these two turntable masters, and the evening has a solid, no-nosense Hip-Hop feel to it, even though the setting is somewhat bizarre - a graduation party for one of Danielle Steele's daughters. The predominantly white crowd of American teenagers are being treated to an event that many ardent South African Hip-Hop fans would dream of, but unfortunately will probably never attend. Mass Dosage was lucky enough to be there and to have words with the crew after the show.

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