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Dead Prez Live Interactive Chat Transcript

M1 live and online *** Topic for #dead_prez_live:
Chat live with Dead Prez - Wed 27/09/2000 from 9:30PM SA Time (GMT+2:00).
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MassDosage: so first up, let's welcome M1
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MassDosage: and SticMan
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MassDosage: and now let's hit it with the questions...
headfirst: so how's your day been so far, guys?
M1: Hectic but it's all good
M1: doin' radio interviews and staying with the people
Funcrusha:my first question: Welcome to South Africa, it's good having you guys ... have we lived up to your expectations so far?
stic: super ! much love
M1: I really didn't have many expectations except to learn as much as I can
King_Pez: Yo wassup M1 welcome to the motherland
M1: i love the motherland wish i didn't haveto leave
pez: M1 doesn't have to leave!
stic: o- fa- sho!
M1: is any body coming to the show on friday?
MassDosage: word
King_Pez: NO DOUBT !!!!!!!
Pneuma: For Sure!!!
MassDosage: mad cats R gonna be there
madswan: Ask them what Dead Prez means
stic: dead prez means dead the fucking president and power 2 the people!
Pneuma: Have you guys done or do u intend to do any "Root Finding", and if so, what do you have in mind?
M1: i'm trying to get to the hood immediately
M1: we went to soweto and Ifound my brothers standing strong like soldiers
fullclip: Root Finding: They should sit in a shanty in the middle of Soweto, smoke reafer and listen to the old men's laughter and stories.
stic: whats up wit dat reefa idea full clip(smile)?
fullclip: Modern roots.
brassa: what is the main purpose of your visit?
stic: to link up and lay seeds for the future!
M1: to let e'eybody know we are one people with one common oppressor
madswan: Who is our common oppressor? M1: Our oppressor is this capitalist system ran by the same people who raped africa of our resources
Lando_calrissian: What are your impressions of the local hiphop scene?
stic: its tight. big up asylum trtibe and prophets of the city!
M1: hip hop is pretty much the same everywhere, the difference is in what the people want
brassa: what can we expect from the show
stic: n r g , n r g, ...........
open_here: for M1 and Stic - which hiphop artists do you regard as having a major effect on your life?
babe: Why the conscious tip unlike all other MC's and where does all the inspiration come from ?
stic: malcolm x is the greatest emcee of all times
M1: Malcolm X, Peter Tosh,
M1: Anybody know Fela
MethoD_Man: can i ask him how long hes been rappin' 4 ?
M1: I've been rapping for about 9-10 years
stic: i been rappin for twelve yrs
KingP: Just a note. I luv ya'll, at least you guys are not like some artists who only care about the $$$ and thererfore they don't viste Africa cause there iz not as much money to be made as in lets say Europe. Respect
M1: To put it blunt FUCK Europe
stic: we rhyme about the changes that must take place
stic: what yall know bout martial arts?
fullclip: Tae-kwon-flo.
madswan: Why do you not believe in God?
M1: I believe in freedom first, then freedom to choose any unoppressed god
MassDosage: so do you believe in *a* god? a supreme power?
stic: yes but i spell "god" like this gOOd
Pneuma: In African culture we worship and respect our ancestors more, perhaps you'd like to get into that?
M1: Afican people have always been in touch with our spirituality
M1: without them we wouldn't be here
fullclip: Sort of like how can you worry about god (or a god) when your self is not free?
Heidi: isnt respect for people like malcolm x 'worship' of ancestors?
stic: yes heidi.
stic: we are in our ancestors hands long live the afrikan warrrior spirit
fullclip: Aren't the ideas the ancestors passed on/stood for more important than the ancestor?
stic: yes fullclip and only the ideas that work for us today
Funcrusha: does your gOOd have a gender?
stic: no but it does have an a-genda
M1: lol
Funcrusha: and what is that a-genda?
M1: love, respect, equality, understanding, freedom, peace and all that good shit
Heidi: Amandla awethu
M1: hit me again?
Heidi: Why veganism?
M1: live long love life
stic: meat bad cause sickness veggie good cause strength
madswan: Why do you believe that Huey P. Newton was killed by the government when a drug dealer killed him?
M1: even if it was drugs, a pusher, or a snitch himself it represnts a government attack
stic: the govt runs the drug game
Heidi: can your body feel the difference? (veganism)
stic: yes i had gout and i kicked its ass
Pneuma: do u ever see yourselves maybe living in Africa, especially South Africa, full time?
stic: i want to live in afrika
Heidi: So why dont you live in Afrika?
M1: if it became essential to the liberation of african people everywhere i would definitely come
stic: are you a realtor heidi?
fullclip: hehe
Heidi: Realtor as in saddened by reality, yes
stic: heidi ha haa
fullclip: My dad has a farm for sale stic.
stic: fullclip tell me mo
fullclip: He's tiring of the constant stocktheft.
Heidi: cats steal cattle, cos they're like gold here
fullclip: Its on the boundary of a location, a place where the old government 'settled' black people. He has to go to lengths to prevent lots of theft. Its beautiful, a manageable size, and will cost you only a few dollars, hehe. Two. nice words - we can't continue living like this.
stic: fullclip maybe in the future...sounds shaky now
Heidi: Shaky?? This is SA, man - everythings shaky!!
Pneuma: You are against Crack\Cocaine as we all hopefully are, but what are your views on the natural herb that has always been part of African culture?
open_here: yo have you cats had any 'erb grown from the soil of the motherland?
stic: herb good too much herb bad
open_here: blow your socks off shit - for real
M1: Tahir says peace and look out for the HEDRUSH album "homecoming".
M1: Tell the radio to play "Flush", off of the Homecoming album people army style!
M1: Alright Tah left
MethoD_Man: have you ever done a show with Dr. Dre or 2Pac ?
SticMan doin' his thing online M1: How many white people out there
KingP: To M1 I am white
KingP: And I've been down wit HipHop for 11 years (since a lighty)
King_Pez: M1 - why do u want to know how many of us are white?
Funcrusha: on "Hip Hop" you're basically stating that your message transcends the music, by why choose Hip Hop to convey your message as opposed to say: rock music, or actually teaching...
M1: We have to revolutionaries regareless of what your JOB is
headfirst: what might you guys have been if you hadn't been rappers? think you coulda made a difference to the world some other way?
M1: I was changing myself and my world arund me regardless, we can't continue living like this
headfirst: changing? from what to what?
M1: Have-nots into haves
M1: fuck oppression
stic: they skools cant teech us shit
Heidi: Tell me yur views on the IMF meeting in prague right now
M1: The question is not that the IMF share thier stolen resouces with a few more white people
M1: it is that they free up the worlds resources so that the rest of the world could enjoy them
Heidi: IMF - true, all you see there is white balding men
stic: youre right heidi thats why we must move with caution
Heidi: Yeah, fuck mcdonalds
Pneuma: Thats a reason why I support your activist anti-meat tip, if ppl learnt to live as vegetarians we could feed more ppl per square mile in africa then breeding livestock Most of the whites that attend your show will be probably have only known life as Apartheid was ending and have grown up in a multi-racial system where race has ceased to matter for most.
Pneuma: All South Africans are currently under an opression bread from the poor economic conditions, even the haves are feeling it with the high crimerate and such
stic: yall my wifey is here to say what up to afya
stic: Afya i luv you
fullclip: How's afya enjoying SA?
stic: afya- i love it!
Heidi: Ayfa is one fine woman!
stic: eazy heidi...ha ha
headfirst: i but without reactionaries, there'd be no revolutionaries. do you concede you gotta have something to change to be what you are?
fullclip: Does headfirst believe we can concievably stop changing?
MethoD_Man: will ya ask him whats his fan-mail address is?
M1: P.O. box 250082 Brooklyn N.Y. 11225
Funcrusha: Black Americans have been oppressed for hundreds of years. Conscious rappers have been calling for revolution for nearly 20. Have they been successful?
madswan: How did going to FAMU effect your stlye and philosophies?
stic: do yall think mandela sold out?
King_Pez: How did he 'sell out'?
Funcrusha: define selling out....
Pneuma: Mandela is helping spread awareness, I believe that in his shoes alot of people wouldn't have been as understanding, and what this world needs is unity of all the races, not blind hatred, if we all respect and love, we can live a much better life
King_Pez: No doubt pneuma
fullclip: Isn't being a politician and not a revolutionary a sellout?
Heidi: No, I think 27 years in prison and you come out with grace like that man, you're little short of a saint
stic: im asking if you feel he did because some people in the movements in the us have that opinion
M1: Who is ready to move some'm out there meaning change some shit REALLY
panagiotis: what r your visions about hip-hop?do u really think it can make people wake up some day?
stic: the people will make hiphop up oneday
M1: Hip hop is just communication (is good for you, is good for me)
MassDosage: Aiight people, M1 and Stic have had one long-ass day, so we're going to have to wrap this up....
MassDosage: 5 more minutes, and I think I've got enough questions
stic: hey m1 what up buddy?
M1: ay stic i'm tired
M1: check out
KingP: How many peoples are expected on friday?
stic: at least 11
MassDosage: aaight, final words from M1 and SticMan....
Pneuma: M1, stic and all the others there with you, thanks for the interview, I am looking forward to friday, it would be dope if I could get to see yawl upclose and dat, but I will settle for your great performance on the stage
Funcrusha: peace y'all
madswan: All power to the people.
MassDosage: And make sure you catch them on friday at Mega Music Warehouse in JHB
MassDosage: and in Cape Town on Saturday...
M1: Forward to the final offensive. Neo-colonialism must go. Africa for
africans at home and abroad.
M1: Get organized
M1: White people have a job to do
stic: sbongile! friday will be off the chain !study, love, work for freedom.
M1: choose the correct position and fight for true for allpeople
M1: UHURU means freedom
MassDosage: I'm going to put the channel back so y'all can chat among yourselves. Thanks for participating
MassDosage: check for more info...
stic: never surrender never give up never sellout

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