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Under Pressure 2001

Hola my peoples. Sharp, hoezit? It's 2001 (as if you hadn't noticed) and I'm feeling SUPAH. One of the reasons is because the underground is starting the year on a hot note 'cause projects are bubbling. We finally have a release from a new artist in Cape Town and there are some long awaited albums coming out.

But first... Chop Su Cru member, DJ Bionic, has released a mixtape on CD titled "Real Hip-Hop Chapter 1". I'm sure that most of you know about it. Those that don't can peep the review in our reviews section.

Now, the Skwadda Champions, Skwadda Kamp, have finally given up the goods. The wait is over! The album, "Skwatta Kampain" is out. It features everybody that falls under the Skwadda Kamp umbrella (a very big umbrella nogal) and they are armed with 15 tracks to melt your cranium so BEWARE. You can get the album (on tape) for R30 from Sibu by dialing 083 404 4922.

All the way from Cape Town, the Cape Flats to be exact, we have a new kid on this block named R.O.D. His album is titled "Rap Asassin". He recorded the album at a studio that he built with his brothers, called Brother-R studios. They are prepared to record and produce demos if any of you cats in Cape Town need to put some shit down. The album is released independently by Brother-R records and can be copped at a few small record stores in Cape Town. Non-Capetonians who want to get "assassinated" and those of you who live there but can't find the album can e-mail Brother-R records.

Max Normal, that weird white boy with skillz, has finally come through with his first and last solo album. I'm saying last because he has just formed a live band and will be recording the next album with them. It was launched at 206 on the 2nd of February and it is titled "Memoirs of a clone"(nice title, I wonder what he is trying to say - guess I must just give the album a good listen to find out). "Memoirs..." is also independent but you can find it in most record shops. So go and get it.

Check me out in less than a month's time. I've got a feeling that this is going to be a good year for Hip-Hop. In addition to bringing you new releases I'll also drop a list of all the stuff that came out last year and how you can get your hands on it. 'Till then, Ciao. Don't forget to write.


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