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Words by Biznol (Lift'd magazine)

Open Mind Sessions Volume 1

Thursday 29th March saw one of the first Open Mind Sessions presented by Organix. The function, which is a monthly event, was held at Jungle Connection in Doornfontein. The basis of the Open Mind Sessions is to provide a platform for Hip-Hop and its integrated elements of b-boys, graffiti, MC's and DJ's.

The show kicked off around 10pm with a drum solo by Paolo of 340ml. He was joined by 340ml bass player and the host of the evening, Insect, who dropped a freestyle to compliment the evening. Insect proceeded to introduce the featured artist Skwatta Kamp with DJ Kenzero on the decks. Skwatta stood nine men strong on stage and ran through tracks from their new album Skwatta Kampain which had heads bopping back and forth throughout their performance. When Skwatta took a break DJ Kenzero continued to elevate the crowd with jams to set off the open mic session. At first no-one occupied the open mic but Insect broke the ice with another freestyle and MC's stepped up to engage in some wordplay. Beanies from Getto Stars were handed out to those who contributed on stage. DJ Bigga was in full effect after the open mic session doing what he does best - cutting up phat underground tracks.

Later Skwatta took to the stage again to finish off their set. They were followed by Bigga, Kane and Kenzero, who concluded the evening with jams that kept heads bopping. Overall the evening turned out well and everyone left with a satisfactory dosage of Hip-Hop in their veins.

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