Back To Columns The Hip-Hop Headrush

(originally written 1998/99)

Words by Charles Rupare a.k.a Manifesto Shallah

Hip-Hop - The love of my life

I love Hip-Hop, my mouth waters as I decipher this izm
An artist can never capture my feelings for this chosen vessel,
I eat Hip-Hop, I conjure thoughts that are Hip-Hop,
When I dream Hip-Hop, I dream of a perfect world,
Step into my world and dream with me...
Please dream with me...

This starlight vision brings pre-historic ceremonies of Hip-Hop's finest living in harmony,
No agony from false righteous wack MCs,
I, a true follower, believer - a true head,
I dream of DJs sprawling countrysides, mountainsides and urban stadiums
Mixing and remixing, creating life giving sounds,
I dream of sounds that hypnotize like Biggie Smalls,
Realms that bring reality from Cella Dwellas,
I long to see the triumph of the Wu-Tang over the mortal world.

I, a true head cherish the thought of a planet for Hip-Hop Godbodies,
A temple for conscious Hip-Hop Godbodies,
Where MCs come to pray, word play and freestyle all day - building lyrical skillz,
I dream of no sampling,
Beatz being made safe by underground beat minerz,
No biting and no playa hating,
A place where playas burn P.H.Ds (playa hating degrees),
A place where playas brew their own Moet and Cristal,
A place where playas get to play all day without breaking hearts,

How I long to see true Hip-Hop prophets,
Riding Shaolin dragons and freestyling to the people,
Foretelling the coming of the most high, the prolific wordsmith,
How I crave to hear prophecies of falling and fallen MCs and up-coming MCs,
Passover stains on the doors of gifted mic stranglers,
A place where sound bombing by Rawkus brings on world peace,
A Hip-Hop next movement led by Black Thought and the Roots.
I dream of Hip-Hop before marriage,
I dream of portraits of the illest Godbodies hangin' in museums and galleries,
A place where avenues are named after legendary MCs

I dream of a place where disaster does not strike,
A place where the spike of the shrike does not strike,
Do you foresee MCs governing constituencies?
DJs flexing in national symphonies?
A place where the next Nobel prize winner will be a Hip-Hop head,
Parental guidance stickers becoming non-existent for verbal assassins,
I dream of a place where no gunfire inspires stressed out mic fiends,
A place where crime is banished from here to overseas,
A place where true mic skillz flourish,
A place where pencils and pads are a necessity and a source of nourishment to a billion and one MCs,
I dream of grey-haired Hip-Hopoliticianz politikin' the true word of verbal vomit,
A place where schools teach Microphone Mathematics as part of their curriculum,
A place society's rejects come and digest rhyme saying expertise,
A place where the book by KRS-One becomes our street Bible,

I dream of one true love, Hip-Hop,
One purpose, cypha representation,
One destiny, microphone illumination,
A constitution for DJs and MCs,
A place where squadrons are formed to battle,
Neighbouring continents, countries, states or even cities,
A place where true rhyme saying opens the pearly gates,
A place where Jeru the Damaja dictates,
A place where the Indelible MCs motivates,
Don't you wish to see a fraternity of B-boys and graffiti artists beautifying our world, word for sure, a true pleasure,
Picture grey-haired pensioners flexing mic cords with spoken word,
I dream of Rapalympics for Hip-Hop headz, world cup tournaments for superior Godbodies,
A world body of MCs smoking cigars,
Donning Timberland boots and baggy jeans,
I dream of an MC becoming the next United Nations secretary general

I dream of MCs creeping in the night,
And sweating after freestyle fights,
A place where Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer remain fallen soldiers,
And the middle of your eye becomes the focal point for Black Star,
I dream of mausoleums for Hip-Hop Godbodies,
I dream of libraries filled with educational armour on Hip-Hop culture,
Statues of MCs across town squares,
I dream of seeing the speaker of parliament being an MC

My love for this chosen vessel is the biddomb,
You don't need wages for hard day's work, only a chance to bless the verbal iron,
I dream of freestyle prostitutes enticing non-believers with this sweet lyrical fruit,
I dream of the whole world swaying to one beat - Hip-Hop, dripping mad juice,
Lovers surrendering to Hip-Hop,
Wannabe Romeo's serenading to Hip-Hop
New born babies making goo-ga-goo sounds to Hip-Hop

My dream carries me to parallel universes,
Where verses are chanted with epic clarity,
Where everyone's nationality becomes universal,
Your race becomes Hip-Hop Godbody,
Your language becomes Poetry,
Your human carriage becomes lyrical gems,
Unforgettable continuous cypha gems keep getting dropped from flying spacecrafts onto regimes of MCs
The focal point of an MC will be, to be an MC,
I dream of radio stations across the nation,
Giving respect to this lyrical portion,
I dream of blue chip companies investing in something richer than blue chips

My Hip-Hop world is pure,
If you are unsure, Hip-Hop is the cure,
My dreamscape carries me on oceans and seas named after MCs,
The Oxford dictionary will one day define Hip-Hop, the art of lyrical skillz,
I dream of Ebonix communications being spoken across board meetings and conferences.
Nothing exist but Hip-Hop, word to God!!




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