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Mellow: To start things off, who exactly are Reck my life?

Kay-Reck: Reck my life are three determined young chaps that are gonna make it in life.

Mellow: And what exactly is reck-my-life productions?

Sello: ReckMyLife is a promotion company helping Hip-Hop cats to get somewhere. We're hoping to put people on by providing a stage for up and coming DJ'S and Hip-Hop MC's in Cape Town. Ya, basically that is the plan.

Mellow: How are you involved in ReckMyLife?

Sello: I'm responsible for the money in ReckMyLife. ReckMyLife is basically DJ Kay-Reck (my man, Karabo), Tripple Life (who is in Zimbabwe right now) and myself.

Mellow: Recently you had something organized down at Club Bzar, what inspired you to organise such an event?

Sello: Basically, the event was done to put my man on - DJ Kay-Reck - and to get our name out there. To get the promo out, get the public to know about us, let them know this is about Hip-Hop and the Hip-Hop movement as we said on the flyers.

Mellow: How was the organisation for the Amplified Sounds gig? I hear it was very tight.

Kay-Reck: It went good man it was a good turn out, for our first, we didn't expect that!

Mellow: So did you have any MC'S who want to promote? Do you MC at all?

Sello: I'm just involved on the production side.

Kay-Reck: Basically there are alot of cats in Cape Town that still don't have a platform, you know, that's the whole vision of ReckMyLife, as a production company.

Mellow: What exactly would you like to see yourselves doing this year?

Kay-Reck: We don't wanna just put up parties and basically be another average production company. We wanna diverge into all spheres of the Hip-Hop culture and put MC's on, get poetry sessions going, and get a lot of people involved.

Mellow: So basically, it's all about promoting MC'S, DJ'S, and poets?

Sello: It's about promoting the art, expanding it more like it ...

Mellow: That's great. So ReckMyLife is all about expanding peoples' lives not wrecking peoples' lives? Do we expect anything from reck-my-life very soon? are you guys organising something new?

Kay-Reck: We have something in the pipeline, we've got like one member who just joined us now, he goes by the name of "So". We have something for the end of this month 'cos something tragic happened to one of our boys (family stuff) so he had to go back home. We're still not certain, keep a look out.

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