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Tear The Roof Off: Semtex and Kofi Interview

Tear The Roof Off
Words by Mass Dosage and Phi

Anyone lucky enough to have been at 206 in Johannesburg on Friday night, March the 10th will agree that the featured UK DJ's Kofi and Semtex (supported by South Africa's Ready D) tore the roof off. The first in a two-part gig to be rounded off in Cape Town the following night, this was an initiative spawned by back and forth internet correspondence between DJ Semtex and Hamma of the group B.V.K: "I went to a web site and saw a promo for mix-tapes along with Semtex's email address so I mailed him because I have respect for DJ's from the U.K, Germany and the U.S, in that order!" Hamma's affinity towards British Hip- Hop DJ's is not unwarranted as the U.K is home to some of the best in the game. More importantly, the scene in that country has undergone several phases en route to its present status which bear direct relevance to our own. Immediately after their gig, the HHH waylaid Kofi and Semtex for a Q&A session on Hip-Hop matters and what they get up to besides the one's and two's.

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