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Rocking Sounds-Cut La Roc Interview

Rocking Sounds
Words by Mass Dosage

With the current influx of foreign DJ's it seems as if South Africa is gaining fame across the globe not only as a tourist destination, but as a happening party destination too. Fortunately for us peeps with less mainstream tastes, it's not only the big commercial names that are coming out (who cares about them anyway right?) Cut La Roc is the most recent among the big non-big-name DJ's to come to Johannesburg and Cape Town. He hails from Brighton in the UK where he first got involved with Hip-Hop culture in his mid-teens. Then, during the late 80's when Hip-Hop fell off a bit (thanks, Hammer), Cut opened his ears to the trip-hop and breakbeat styles which were starting to emerge as Hip-Hop and electronic music met and fused.

He now has a number of EP's, singles, mix albums and remixes under his belt and is working on the final touches of his first full-length release, La Roc Rocks. The HHH chatted to him at 206 in Johannesburg just before his crowd-rocking performance which left the club literally steaming.

30 minutes with UK DJ, Cut La Roc, starting...... now.

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