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Under Pressure 5

We're on, okay! Hoezit? Now some people have been complaining about how long this column is so I'm gonna keep it short this time. CHECK IT!

First we've got Tragedy of Imperial Formula. He hails from Daveyton, Gauteng. Tragedy will be releasing an album in early 2001, tentatively titled: "Scapegoat". Keep your eyes on this page for the exact release date and purchasing/contact details… Croc is a producer from Chiawelo in Soweto who has put together an album "Prostitution" which stars himself. The album also features some MCs from Soweto and the surrounding areas. The featured guests are Major Knowledge, Evil G, RAW and Shaka to name a few. This is not your average Jo'burg album - it is very township. You can feel and hear Soweto throughout the release and it sometimes tends to be "gangster". There aren't any driveby's just some real msawawa gangsta shit. You can order the album from Croc himself @ 083 419 8814.

Before I step, I just want to say LOOK OUT FOR DURBAN. They've got some Shaka shit brewing down there. Big up to Nkanyiso, X.O., Zamani and the rest of my Durbs massive. And if any of y'all are in Durbs, check out the monthly hip-hop event, Mic Check, @ club Rocbees. The next show is on November 25th.


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