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Under pressure 4. The return of...

Mic check...1,2...1,2...are we on?...O.K. Cool. I kind forgot how to do this. It's been a while but I'm back like recycled paper. This time around we are gonna keep the intro short. I've got old heads with new shhh and an oldish about to explode (as i am told). Now when I say 'old heads' I don't mean old guys or girls but heads who you have come to know and respect and are coming with new product for you to consume.

Jo check it - everybody knows that the BVK album, Yskoud, is out and I had almost gotten over how ill "Potjie Kos" is, but when I saw the video I just knew that I had to mention it. BVK are really, excuse the cliche, keeping it real. Get your hands on the album if you haven't already, it's available in stores across South Africa and even in the Netherlands. As promised, BMP (Basemental Platform) are dropping their album. Their first single is tantatively titled "BMP with Love". Rhymes and poetry over some NICE strings. For those of you who have been feeling the Cashless Society buzz and heard that they dropped a single on Bobbito's lable, Fondle 'em Records, and wondered how you can get a copy... well you can get the vinyl from Fatbeats. Local heads can get the tape from Unreleased Records, via e-mail. The cassette includes a track that's not available on the vinyl, "The world is a ghetto", plus instrumentals. So you know you've got to get this before Cashless Society blows up in New York, son!

I shouldn't be telling you this but I'm gonna do it anyway. I have decided to become a "journalist" of sorts. It goes like this: this kid Shimane of Hombru, a Soweto duo, has recorded a dope single and it's due to come out anytime. I don't know when, but I was told to watch out. In fact I wasn't told, I was WARNED! So now I'm warning you... For those who don't already know, Spex, fuck it, myself and Eargasm Entertainment have decided to call it a day in terms of them releasing my music. I won't go into the details (this is neither the time nor place to do it), but you will be able to get the whole load when UTHOHT? Muzik, my recording label, launches a new official Spex website soon. You'll also be able to download one full MP3 track from the new album on the site. Check this column for more details!

And you thought that Msawawa Hip-Hop wasn't jumping, huh? Well, think again my China. We've got flavours like S.A.B and they are just as intoxicating. Don't forget to send any of your recording info to the Diamond District.


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