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Under Pressure

Howzinto? Welcome to the first instalment of Under Pressure on the HHH. Why am I in your face? Well, I'm going to be letting you cheapskates know what local Hip-Hop releases can be found in (and out of) stores. Boys (and girls) are doing their thing out here and making things happen, son. It's about time you also got those new rhymes that made you an overnight "ghetto superstar" and those head-bobbing beats that that mpintjie of yours made on Cakewalk (or some generic programme downloaded from the Internet) into a studio and recorded some shhh.

Omen and Robo are a duo from Soweto who have a single out on tape/cassette. It consists of 2 banging joints: "Day7" and "Jewel of the Nile" plus a remix, (and a remix instrumental for the MCs). You can buy the tape if you meet them on the street, at a show or call Revolution Entertainment @ 083 714 0599 or email Omen: By now you should all know Skwad-da-Kamp, the crew from Gauteng's East Rand and Alexandra Township. They had a compilation album out last year which did OK considering that they were selling it themselves. They are currently back in the studio (which they own) - so if you wanna do demos, give 'em a call. Anyway, they are working on another album which they told me should be out by the end of November 2000. Get in touch with the Kamp by calling Siyabonga @ (011) 865-2227 or Lebogang @ (011) 8653 585/447 5463.

Onto Ramesh - yes, the "Stay Black" dude from the Muthaload compilation album. He's been promising an album/single/ep for a while now, but for some reason dude is not coming through. While you wait, you can check him out with his two brothers - By Example. He produced it and features on it. The three track single, out on CD, is entitled "Whether you like it or Not" and the title track is a club banger. The single was launched in Benoni on 1 July 2000. To get a copy, for now, you are gonna have to call V-Zion Records @ 082 933 1674 or (011) 476 7240.

Amu is in the studio working on one of the most anticipated projects of the moment. Just to whet your appetites, if you haven't bought the Nativ's "Future sounds of Msawawa" you should. For all of you that understand Afrikaans (not real Afrikaans nogal, Cape Town slang, ghetto Code) or if you are like me and don't, check out "Yskoud" from the new Brasse Vannie Kaap (BVK) album which should be in stores anytime now. Speaking of industry muthaf's, Spex has finally put his full-length album to rest after all the delays. Expect the 14 track album, "It's A Hijak", in stores by the end of September. So start saving. There a few surprises on the album. Anyway, for now, just grab "RhymzIwrote" and check out

They say that soon we will be living in a community that trades without physical cash. JHB has already bred its own Cashless Society - a squad consisting of MC's residing in the Yeoville area. They are X-amount, Snazzy D, Bonafide and others. Abafobethu will be releasing a single locally and one of their tracks will be released together with Mizchif's "Place for a wife" on Bobbito's Fondle 'Em Records. I personally congratulate the brothas.

That's all for now. If you are still creating your diamond and got some shit under pressure or have something out already that's not mentioned here, whether you are from Soweto, the Cape flats or Umlazi, let us know by sending an e-mail to or mail your cd/tape to:

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