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Track Title Artist
Dogg pound gangstaz The dogg pound
Hootie hoo Outkast
Real Hip-Hop Das Efx
The dayz of wayback N.W.A.
They still gafflin' C.M.W.
Get lifted Keith Murray
The beast The fugees
Watcha see Paris
Bush killa Paris
Cold World GZA/Genius
Can it be all so simple Wu-Tang Clan
Kiss my innocence Vicky Sampson
Can't Wait Redman
I seen a man die Scarface
Survival of the fitest Mobb Deep
All we got iz us (Evil Streets) Onyx
Puff the majik (Mad funk remix) The original evergreen
Black superman Above the law
Ain't nothing but a g-thang Dr. Dre
Murder ain't crazy Spice-1
Divided we fall Prophets of the city
I'm mad EPMD
One more chance Notorious BIG
Suckas need bodyguards GangStarr
The coming Goodie Mob
Secret Service Souls of mischief
Ain't no other MC Lyte
Heavy ammunition Artifacts